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For me windows are heavy with symbolic meaning as well as being visually interesting. When looking out of a window the world of light can stream in representing hope and freedom. Looking out can also symbolize isolation, and longing, as well as safety and protection from the outside world. When looking into windows we might gleam what is hidden-someone's private world. What I like best is when I am able to show both the inner mystery of looking into a window, and the outside world reflected back to us.
inside outsidethe other windowprotectedseeing both sidesthe long waitcat in the windowi'm ready for my closeupfinding signs of peace outside my windowoutside my window on a winter daythe sea windowreflections from the pastmangos on the window. sillthe visitorthe crow and the onionbooks in the windowwindow seatsbedroom lightstorm outsidewinter's windowlooking out the window to see the tres