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As a photographer I am constantly scanning the horizon looking for ways to include as much of the magical atmosphere that surrounds me. These types of images can be viewed in my "open spaces" and "color and light" galleries. However, at the same time I am also looking down, and near; making up titles for all the little vignettes that I am seeing near by, on the ground, and water surfaces. I like to call these nature portraits, and sometimes from such a closeup view, and other times from adding my impressions after developing the film they take on an abstract character. I also enjoy collecting twigs, leaves, shells and other natural objects to take home and photograph. Some may call them still lifes, however I prefer to call them nature portraits as well.
fusionfield energysunrise on dune grassthe sweet sorrow of a summer raintanglewinter redpond in the woodslily padsfloating flowerwild mountain lilyto a fruitful new yearpomagranitred and yellowfruit hugslooking through the pondspring pondthe forest floorautumngroundmixscatteredonthegroundfloating fall leaves