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My photographic background is with black and white film, developing and printing in my darkroom. Presently, I use medium format film for all my images and still consider B&W as the standard. However, now that I can scan my negatives into a computer I am able to produce color prints.This ability to now print in color has led me to these almost formless images. I am no longer only looking for form and light, I now also find myself drawn to these almost formless images of color and light. I find them both powerful and mystical. A silent world that gives us an opportunity to look inward.
bay lightin between two worldsturbulancecalm seasa faint and distant lightbridge to a distant shorefollow the sunsea lightas the sun risesgoing homein the blue zonea new dayred horizonthe changing seaon a golden daysand sea skypurple dawnfloating in the soft morning lighttear drops from the sunin a silent way